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November 21st, 2010
11:31 am


Cover Story

Thursday brought the Seattle Times' annual Snow Sports Special Issue, and MTTA made the cover. They also had one of the more complete descriptions of the system in their listing of  Northwest Nordic Ski areas. According to the reliableedbook , the cover picture was difficult to navigate to. My scanner didn't image the picture very well, but here it is:


This shot is from the Ben Jones trail just below the recently enlarged and remodeled High Hut cabin. The entire Seattle Times listing can be found here:

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January 20th, 2009
10:14 pm


Oregonian Article

The (Portland) Oregonian did a blurb on MTTA and used one of Ed's photos of the Yurt  to illustrate the article. Check it out at:

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August 7th, 2007
03:52 pm


the state of Mount Tahoma Trails
'received this letter just now:

Mount Tahoma Trail Report

Over the last two months much work has been accomplished and we still have a lot of items on our to-do-list.

At Copper Creek Hut the Old rug upstairs has been removed with a new Laminate Floor installed, at the August work party the downstairs will receive a new Laminated Floor. This new Laminated Floor is being paid for by our host landowner Hancock Forest Management. In addition Hancock Forest Management has donated $500 toward our snow cat fund.

The tracks have been repaired and reinstalled on the large LMC snow cat and all filters and oils changed. The small Piston Bully is waiting for a new fuel tank and will have its filters and oils changed at the August work party. All the summer maintenance on our grooming snowmobiles will be completed before the end of September.

Our other host landowner the Department of Natural Resources purchased metal trail post and building materials for the Yurt/Snow Bowl. These materials will allow for some major upgrades at these huts. If you would like to help at the Yurt, call Pat Gleason (360-377-0987) or Ed Book (360-692-5683). For Snow Bowl give Mike Smith 9253-589-1270). Because of the trail post purchase there is a metal trail post with blue markers every ½ mile on all the trails north of highway 706 (Copper Creek Hut side). Before the end of September these metal post will replace all the old wood post south of highway 706, providing a metal post with blue marker every ½ mile.

Next work Party is August 18th; we will meet at the Ashford Fire Hall at 10 a.m. Dinner will be provided and you can stay overnight at the Huts. Please bring your friends and family.

Please consider sending a donation for our Snow Cat Fundraising Project. We still need to raise $6500 to reach our goal of $151,500. You can make checks payable to: MTTA, and mail them to P O BOX 206, Ashford, WA 98304.

Status on the Bridge access into the South District: The Department of Natural Resources has awarded a contract to install the new access bridge. The contract requires that the bridge be in place by October 15, 2007. With the installation of this new bridge we will have access to our ski trail this coming season.

Bob Brown
Trail Operations Coordinator
Mount Tahoma Trails Association

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March 25th, 2006
11:48 pm


Comments on the Action Plan
Last year, the MTTA received a grant for a consultant to suggest ways to improve our fund-raising capabilities. The product produced by the consultant (Jean McCord of McCord & Associates) was called the Action Plan. There was a wide range of topics discussed in this Action Plan, which came to thirty pages. It included many excellent ideas and suggestions, ranging from the structural to the procedural to common-sense. Unfortunately, personality conflicts between the consultant and several members of the MTTA leadership, and the fact that some of the leadership just didn't want to hear some of the recommendations, led to the entire document being dismissed. Promises were made at the time that the issues raised would be addressed "after the Gala", but it's since been swept under the rug. When the final draft of the Action Plan was presented, I put a lot of effort into defining my reactions to and impressions of it, in hopes of presenting them when the Board got around to discussing the recommendations. It doesn't look like that's going to happen, so I'm posting my comments here. (I'll try to post a link to the Action Plan itself in the near future. Read more...Collapse )

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November 10th, 2005
05:40 pm


November Board Meeting & an opportunity to get up into the snow & some hut work
There is snow on the trail and you can ski groomed trails from the middle snow park to High Hut or Snow Bowl. Approx. 4” at the snow park and 2 to 3 feet at the huts

The Board meeting will be held at Bob & Judy’s from 10 am to noon or a little after.

We have work to finish up at the huts, so if you can come out the help will be appreciated. If you can help, give Bob Brown a call at 360-569-2878 evenings.

All MTTA members are welcome to attend board meetings.


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October 25th, 2005
08:29 am


additional domain names
Mount Tahoma Trails Association is more correctly an organization vice a company so a ".org" suffix would be more appropriate than a ".com" suffix for the domain name.

Rick Burleigh, the webmaster for the official MTTA website added registration for http://skimtta.org. He also set up the URL to redirect all traffic from that domain to the existing http://skimtta.com URL.

AND because "skimtta" is confusing for some folks (like me) (what is a "skimtta"?), and because Mount Tahoma Trails aren't just for skiing, Rick also added registration for http://mounttahomatrails.org and set it up for all traffic from that URL to be redirected to the official http://skimtta.com URL.

What this means is that you can get to Mount Tahoma's official website via any of these URLs:


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September 26th, 2005
10:44 pm


September Yurt Workparty
'the posts for the workparty at the yurt are located ----> yurtfriends


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August 2nd, 2005
09:29 am


August 20-21 work party
email reprint:

August 20 & 21, 2005

Come Have Fun In The Sun At Snow Bowl Hut

Celebrate 15 Years of Volunteerism on the Mount Tahoma Trail System

We will be providing a great dinner Saturday evening.

Stay Overnight at your favorite Ski Hut.

Meet old friends, make new friends.

Take a hike or ride your bike.

Anybody interested in doing a little hut improvement work is invited. The work is not very demanding and dinner and an evening of good food and drink will take up most of your time. We will meet at the Ashford Fire Hall at 10 a.m. Saturday morning, August 20th. Spend the day or stay overnight! Don’t worry about your skill level regarding the hut improvement work, we provide OJT.

This summer we have been remodeling the old wood storage rooms at Snow Bowl and Copper Creek Huts. This work will allow us to increases the number of guest at each of these huts by two people. For safety reasons we have installed electric lighting (powered by solar panels) to replace most of the propane lights in the huts. Kitchen improvements are being made and general clean up around the huts is taking place. The snowmobile shed just above the 1 Road Sno-Park is getting a metal roof to shed snow and a general appearance cleanup. Any help you can provide will be most appreciated and if you can not make it on August 20th, give us a call as you might be able to help on another weekend.

Check out: http://www.livejournal.com/community/mttafriends/ for some photos of the July work party. the previous post in this LJ Community

The huts in August are a great place to spend the night, star watching can’t get much better, and photography opportunities are numerous. So bring your sleeping bag, a camera if you have one, and any musical instruments. Plan on having a Great Time! Don’t Forget Your Friends!

Please respond to this e-mail if you can attend, we need to be able to plan on purchasing food and drink. If you have any questions feel free to contact Bob or Judy at 360-569-2878 evenings.


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July 24th, 2005
05:44 pm


MTTA July Snowbowl Hut Workparty

MTTA Snowbowl July workparty, Mount Tahoma Trails Association  ©2005 Ed Book   http://edbookphoto.com

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