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the state of Mount Tahoma Trails - Mount Tahoma Trails
August 7th, 2007
03:52 pm


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the state of Mount Tahoma Trails
'received this letter just now:

Mount Tahoma Trail Report

Over the last two months much work has been accomplished and we still have a lot of items on our to-do-list.

At Copper Creek Hut the Old rug upstairs has been removed with a new Laminate Floor installed, at the August work party the downstairs will receive a new Laminated Floor. This new Laminated Floor is being paid for by our host landowner Hancock Forest Management. In addition Hancock Forest Management has donated $500 toward our snow cat fund.

The tracks have been repaired and reinstalled on the large LMC snow cat and all filters and oils changed. The small Piston Bully is waiting for a new fuel tank and will have its filters and oils changed at the August work party. All the summer maintenance on our grooming snowmobiles will be completed before the end of September.

Our other host landowner the Department of Natural Resources purchased metal trail post and building materials for the Yurt/Snow Bowl. These materials will allow for some major upgrades at these huts. If you would like to help at the Yurt, call Pat Gleason (360-377-0987) or Ed Book (360-692-5683). For Snow Bowl give Mike Smith 9253-589-1270). Because of the trail post purchase there is a metal trail post with blue markers every ½ mile on all the trails north of highway 706 (Copper Creek Hut side). Before the end of September these metal post will replace all the old wood post south of highway 706, providing a metal post with blue marker every ½ mile.

Next work Party is August 18th; we will meet at the Ashford Fire Hall at 10 a.m. Dinner will be provided and you can stay overnight at the Huts. Please bring your friends and family.

Please consider sending a donation for our Snow Cat Fundraising Project. We still need to raise $6500 to reach our goal of $151,500. You can make checks payable to: MTTA, and mail them to P O BOX 206, Ashford, WA 98304.

Status on the Bridge access into the South District: The Department of Natural Resources has awarded a contract to install the new access bridge. The contract requires that the bridge be in place by October 15, 2007. With the installation of this new bridge we will have access to our ski trail this coming season.

Bob Brown
Trail Operations Coordinator
Mount Tahoma Trails Association

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