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MTTA July Snowbowl Hut Workparty - Mount Tahoma Trails
July 24th, 2005
05:44 pm


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MTTA July Snowbowl Hut Workparty

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Date:August 2nd, 2005 03:49 pm (UTC)

Who are these folks?

Gene, Jim, Pam, Bob, Pat, Kim, and Jen. Not pictured (perhaps still working) Bob, Cathy, Erin and I don't remember the gentleman who arrived with Jen, Cathy, and Erin. Oh yes, and I was there too.

We have more opportunities before snow flies this month and next for trail maintenance and hut/yurt projects. There are lots of projects on the list including trail maintainence, electrification at Snow Bowl Hut and The Yurt, painting at the yurt, adding electric lights at Snow Bowl Hut and the Yurt. (we're switching from propane to solar powered electric lights) and other projects I don't know about...

The work skills needed are varied from carpentry, solar powered electrical system, painting, sheet metal roofing and ladder work snowmobile and some other things trail hiking to clear low hanging branches, brush and sign maint. But most of the tasks on the list are for unskilled light labor... and, and, and... feel free to add tasks (in a comment)

and... this coming weekend (Aug 6,7) we need some brightly colored models for the summer brochure we are working on. Hiking and bicycling folks... commenton this post for more info...

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